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Contactless Mifare cards readers (low cost)

Doesn't use NXP chips, single microcontroller scheme

Applicable in:

  • authorized access in server systems
  • autonomous validation of contactless permits
  • modern iButton replacement
  • gates, barriers, locks, doors, safes control
  • public transport tickets validation
  • paid highway access validation
  • enterprise-level payment systems
  • personal data storage
  • electronic passport reading
  • paid charge for electric vehicles
  • and many more

Distinguishing features:

  • ISO14443 standard support
  • multiple readers schemes (RD-01A/RD-02AB/RD-03AB)
  • MifareĀ® cards support (Ultralight, Classic, Plus, DesFire access examples available)
  • Mifare Zero cards support
  • Build-in support for cards with rewritable UID (can be optionally prohibited)
  • 4 modes
  • 3 autonomous modes in which reader allows cards without additional devices
  • Build-in memory for more than 700 cards (up to 8000, depends on model)
  • Support for non-standard reading-writing protocols
  • Support for "raw" interchange code
  • Small size - less than matches box with embedded aerial
  • Two LEDs
  • Sound alarm
  • No additional drivers needed for Windows, Linux, OpenWrt, Arduino, Android
  • 4 interfaces support: UART, RS-485, USB, iButton
  • Reading/writing of contactless cards (including non-standard ones)
  • USB power
  • iButton DS1990A imitation for keychains/tables replacement
  • Compatible with mfoc, mfcuk, mfks
  • Open source
  • Ready to use, high-quality supporting software
  • Any possible custom functionality programming on demand

We tried hard to create a universal, cheap contactless cards reader that has as much features as possible, small sized but implements a full set of imaginary and non-imaginary features that a user might need. Construction and aerial allow to install the reader on metal surface without affecting its maximum distance. Readers come with a set of example programs to work using USB and COM ports.

Constructionally, readers consist of a single plate 50x35mm (RD-01A) or 65x40mm (RD-02AB/RD-03AB) with a single signals processing controller and high-frequency receiver/transmitter.

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RD-01A reader

If small size and power consumption are needed, it's recommended to use RD-01A reader. It supports only cards of type A.

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RD-02AB reader

Usage of original microcontroller allowed for minimal dimensions. RD-02AB is a compromise between cost and functionality. It's designed for use in access control systems. Despite that, it has same functionality as more expensive readers models. A customer can opt to not install USB interface, piezoelectric speaker, and/or LEDs if on-board light/sound indication is not needed. Also a customer can opt to change the internal reader software.

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RD-03AB reader

RD-03AB reader has maximum functionality available. It can be used in any contactless cards systems. It allows to install external nonvolatile memory, RS-485 interface with up to 2km working distance, DC/DC 8..12V power source. This reader supports programs that use Mifare vulnerabilities, such as mfoc, mfcuk, mfks. The reader comes with high-quality open-source software the can be used to control it or inspect the possibilities of contactless cards.

Reader description in PDF format can be downloaded here (Russian). API description in PDF format can be downloaded here (Russian). Short software review is available here (Russian). Example programs to work with Mifare cards, adapted mfoc, etc:

  • for Windows with HID control (can be downloaded here),
  • for Windows using libusb-1.0 interface (can be downloaded here),
  • Delphi 7 example (can be downloaded here),
  • for Linux using hidraw interface (can be downloaded here),
  • for Linux using libusb-1.0 interface (can be downloaded here),
  • for OpenWrt-based systems using libusb-1.0 interface (can be downloaded here),
  • for Arduino using serial port connection (can be downloaded here).

MFCPYprogram (Windows) for cloning, copying, hacking of Mifare cards can be downloaded here. It includes English and Russian program versions for 32 and 64 bit computers.

Special on-door speakerphone MFCPY version with a shortened keys list can be downloaded here.

Useful information on the readers and not only can be found in the blog.

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