UOC programmer with reading function

UOC - Ultimate One Chip is a family of video processors with built-in microcontroller Philips/NXP for CRT and LCD TVs and monitors. As a rule, the name of these microcircuits begins with TDA93xx, TDA95xx, TDA11xxx, TDA12xxx, TDA15xxx.

In the manufacture of products based on UOC, usually already programmed ICs are ordered, however, the order of the ICs programmed is a very laborious procedure, and the delivery of the programmed chips begins no earlier than 6 weeks after the payment of the order. In the production of TVs often have to make circuit changes, correct errors of the current software. It is also peculiar to the production program to change, after which the supply department puzzles what to do with the already programmed ICs. And this is not a complete list of difficulties.

Buying a "clean" OTP (One Time Programming, once programmable) UOC is not difficult, delivery times are acceptable, packaging, but the fact is that NXP does not disclose the programming protocol of its chips. Buying an industrial UOC programmer costs so much that even a solid company will think carefully before buying such a product. Laboratory programmer UOC is sold only to large manufacturers and costs about 700 euros. Thus, reprogramming the batch of "clean" UOCs will have to be done on a laboratory programmer, which allows up to 15% of defects and is not designed constructively or electrically for such loads.

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NXP/Philips programmer after a day in production

UOC programmer allows us not only to program the UOC, but also to read the code from the chip. It also supports automatic recognition of the type of chip, even in the case of "downed" chip signature. Currently all chip families are supported: Painter-I, Painter-II, UOC, UOC+, UOC-Leader, UOC-III, UOC-V, LOC-I, LOC-II, UOC-Top Painter, UOC-Top Fighter. Click to enlarge

UOC programmer board without case

The programmer combines the advantages of both a laboratory and industrial programmer. The main purpose of the laboratory programmer is to repair UOC-based TVs: the firmware is read from the chip and recorded in a new blank chip.

In the industrial version, gang-programmers are connected to one hub, which allows simultaneous recording of a large number of chips.

The programmer connects via the USB interface. The laboratory programmer is equipped with the UOCLab program, which currently supports about 2,000 chip types.

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Screenshot of UOCLab 3.0

Software for the new UOC family of programmers and utilities for working with firmware files can be downloaded here (UOCLab V3.5).

To download only the description of UOCLab V3.5 pdf in Russian, click on the link.

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