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TV adjustment device

Is used by "Videofon" (Russia, Voronezh), "Tovary Buduschego" (Russia, Kaliningrad) for setting up TVs on their production lines.

TV adjustment device photo

In the production, CRT and LCD TVs move along the production line where they get set up (initial setup, geometry, AGC , etc). The TV adjustment device is used in most of these phases. It has two control channels - infra-red one and service bus that allows to connect to a TV set. Adjustment menu can be accessed with a single key press.

Any key function can be reprogrammed, NVRAM can also be copied to TV's memory, DVD, and to other devices. The device does all adjustments by service bus.

One of the key functions of the device is automatic setup of white balance: it takes ~12 seconds in average. This allows to keep multiple TV sets tint to be equal and look great when placed in a grid in a shop, while manual setup doesn't have this effect. It also saves time: one production line cycle was reduced to 30 seconds. This device can be programmed to support 8 TV models at a time.

TV adjustment device

Look inside

PCB of device

PCB of TV adjustment device

A more advanced version of the device exists that allows to adjust TV sets with LCD indicators, has more memory to support 128 TV models, has USB port for computer connection and some other functions. This version is more suited for technologists.

TV adjustment device

After being use almost 24/7 during 2 months.

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