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TV pattern generator (CVBS)

Often, service technicians need a TV fields generator for post-service tuning of TV sets, but it's often inconvenient to carry TV tester and buying it can be expensive. On the other hand, building generator of this kind from discrete elements can be hard.

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TV pattern generator prototype

Generator has RCA input for CVBS cable. It's AC adapter powered (DS-213 input, 220V to 7V). This design has minimal price and supports the following TV fields:

  • grids of 4 types
  • chess field
  • rectangular outline on black or white background
  • blinking rectangular outline
  • grayscale
  • colored stripes
  • white square in the middle of the screen

Test field is selected by pressing Up and Down buttons. Generator signal has identical time parameters as FLUKE54200 generator.

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Some TV fields

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