Car strobe

This professional car strobe allows to set diesel engine injection angle with 0.1 degree precision within 0-360 degrees range. It also has additional functionality such as: crankshaft rotation frequency measurement, pressure increase level, engine cycles number measurement, digital filter setup, attenuator management.

The strobe allows to diagnose injection pump problems: injections angles irregularity, plunger pump wear, etc. It can also work with gasoline engines when equiped with a sensor placed on the ignition coil.

Many car workshops complain about the lack of good devices allowing to satisfy their needs, while some professions devices can be very expensive.

The "ARD" firm, engaged in car repair business, ordered to develop a non-expensive professional car strobe with plated sensor for passenger and cargo cars repair. Main requirement was high precision of strobe flash angle setup with 0-360 degress adjustment range.

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Strobe prototype

Plated piezoelectric sensor is designed to be multi-purpose for different fuel feedline diameters (4-9mm). Automatic level calibration and digital filter allowed to remove additional settings and simplify device usage up to "plug and play" scenario. In complicated cases, e.g. when there are fuel feedline leaks or when injection pump doesn't give enough pressure, it's possible to perform manual digital filter setup.

Сервисное меню стробоскопа

Strobe service menu

An additional attenuator allows to use the same sensor on cargo cars. The device can work both with two and four stroke engines.

The strobe also has a USB interface that allows to connect to a computer.

This device was successfully tested by "ARD" specialists and satisfied their needs.

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