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Plasma informational panels

More and more often one can see informational boards built using plasma panels. In stations, airports they get used to display the schedule, flights; in banks, exchanges - to display currency rates; in enterprises - to display relevant development information.

Plasma informational panels

Standard plasma panel outputs video signal but often it's not easy to send it to the panel due to multiple reasons, like signal decay in the cable due to distance, the need to have as many video cards as there are screens, and so on.

To address this connectivity problem we developed two kinds of adapters that form video signal, get installed near the screen, and are controlled by a wired line 300-2000 meters in length. This way each panel also gets its own "video card", so it can display any information independently.

Plasma panel image generation modules come in two favors: for displaying static or or slowly changing information and for realtime video display.

Information board in airport

Flights schedule in an airport is a good example of a static screen. Realtime dynamic screens are usually get used to display advertisements. It's worth pointing that instead of expensive plasma panels one can use cheaper conventional TVs.

Information monitor
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