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Creeping line

Creeping lines are made on individual basis considering each customer's specific requirements. That allows for optimal prices and function set. For example, each of the following affects the price heavily: whether it is monochrome or not, 3D or colorful. Even if a customer chooses the monochrome version, it still can be in red, green, blue, orange, white or almost any other color.

Flexible script language allows to implement not only various text effects or graphics, but also to set a number of repetitions, work schedule, adapt to current time (e.g. lower brightness or turn off for the night), and so on.

Indicator board has an embedded clock and can go with an electronic thermometer, and therefore can accompany adevertising information with time/temperature display.

When combining crawl lines into sports-like of information multi-dimensional panels, we usually develop some special software for each customer, that imitates the panel and allows to work with it easier.

Outdoor design creeping line

Creeping line is one of the most popular products, that differs from other producers solutions. It's more reliable due to some specific circuit solutions, what's even more important when using outside. The biggest creping lines are installed in Minsk and Vitebsk cities' railway stations (BelSwiss bank ads panels), "Avtodor" panel in Minsk, "Stroyinstrument", "Nika" stores in Vitebsk, Slonim railway station, etc.

indoor design creeping line

Smaller creeping lines gets installed in stores, cashier desks, computer clubs, etc. Also, they are used as building blocks for larger multiline panels. They can work not only as part of sports boards, buy also in water pools and other places with high humidity. For safety, we use low voltage (12-24V) what is rarely seen in similar solutions by other producers.

Notice that creeping line is an autonomous device and it doesn't need a working PC nearby. You can control it using an infra-red remote control or by a hard-wire (up to 300-400 meters in length). So if you cannot install a PC near the panel, you can configure it remotely, check it's working, and then just replace removable cartridge unit.

You can find more about the creeping line software description on this page.

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