Our specialists have many years of experience in the development and maintenance of software in many areas:

- Software for home appliances

TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, intercoms, smart house modules, and other home appliances

- Software for production purposes

control panels, modules for CNC machines, security systems, access restrictions systems, like i-Button, Mifare and others

- System Software

drivers, services, firewalls for different operating systems, drivers for working with user equipment, network drivers, and special devices drivers

- Network and server software

broadcasting LAN monitors for a variety of purposes, server software for Microsoft Windows, Linux (various network repeaters, multicast/broadkast tunnels, registration and monitoring of specific network traffic, media converters, etc)

- Interface software

RS-232/485, LPT, USB, Ethernet, ISO-14443, etc.

Software for workstations

AWP animal husbandry, farm management workstation, operator workstation information and advertising center for trading houses, AWP fleet manager and others

- Office automation software

Adapting and addition of office suites (MS Office, Star Office, Open Office) under the specific objectives of the customer

We are also ready to carry out consultation, processing and tracking for software distributed under the GNU GPL to be used for commercial purposes.

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