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Electronic devices

AnyRAM develops a variety of electronic devices:

- Electronic devices of household purpose

TVs, set-top boxes, "smart house" modules

- Information devices

creeping line placards, combined types of information boards, scoreboards, including remote-controlled

- Industrial Electronics

accounting and control systems, production automation solutions, informational systems, non-standard test equipment

- Electronic devices for special purposes

GPS navigation, IP broadcasting authorization servers, registration and processing of reading from a variety of sensors, video surveillance, video archiving, access control systems, electronic passes systems, coding systems, wireless systems

- Car Electronics

adapters for connection to the on-board computers, custom modules for replacement of components, various types of sensors and analyzers, custom expanders for security alarm functions

- Servers and computer devices

servers for local area networks, including ones based on highly reliable embedded systems (e.g. server for 200 users with access to the Internet, without a hard drive and consuming only 15W), hardware interfaces modules

We are ready to develop any electronic device on a turnkey basis or participate in joint development on any of the following steps:

  • idea
  • technical specifications development or improvement
  • drawing flowcharts device
  • structural scheme preparation of a device and work algorithm definition
  • electrical schematic charting, BOM components, writing programs
  • designing of printed circuit boards and housings of electronic devices
  • manufacturing samples
  • release of design documentation for mass production of electronic devices.

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